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Collaborative and centralized mapping

Do you have difficulties in mapping, modelling and optimising your internal processes? Or do you want to clarify and perpetuate your know-how by involving your employees?



Our suite consists of four complementary modules dedicated to the management of organisations. With PYX4, benefit from the simplest and most intuitive platform on the market!

logotype de PYX4 Process

PYX4 Process

Software designed to map your organisation’s activities in a collaborative and centralised manner.

logotype de pYX4 Improver

PYX4 Improver

Software designed to process field feedback and apply your action plans for audit and certification purposes.

logotype de PYX4 Risk

PYX4 Risk

Software designed to manage and control risks and their impact on your organisation.

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PYX4 Store

Software designed to consolidate the company’s processes in a dedicated repository and give the subsidiaries the desired autonomy.

PYX4 Process

Process mapping

Map your organisation’s activities in a collaborative way and centralise them in a common repository.

  1. Easily model your processes
  2. Clarify roles and give responsibility to your employees
  3. Maintain know-how and disseminate your repository

PYX4 Improver

Quality management and improvement

Boost the continuous improvement and sustainable performance of your organisation by meeting key management standards.

  1. Facilitate feedback from the field
  2. Centralise your action plan management
  3. Plan and carry out audits

PYX4 Risk

Risk management

Manage and control risks and their potential impact on your organisation

  1. Identify, characterise and assess your risks in terms of their potential impact and likelihood of occurrence
  2. Plan response strategies by involving your staff
  3. Monitor your ongoing action plans

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PYX4 is an easy-to-use solution that has enabled us to meet very demanding regulatory requirements, while allowing the entire system to be shared via a simple web browser


Continuous Improvement Manager

Beyond a software tool that is easy to use, PYX4 is also a human and professional team that was able to adapt to our needs and provide us with specific support until we obtained our ISO certification

Arcangela SCARFONE
Quality System Advisor
Aeronautics industry

A software suite and a methodology that is easy to use, with quality support


Quality and Internal Control Manager
Professional training

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