Audit, risks & internal control

Identifiez les non-conformités, pilotez les audits et concentrez vos actions sur les risques qui peuvent remettre en cause les objectifs stratégiques de l’organisation.

Audit, risks & internal control


Control your activities to achieve
your goals

Faced with constant changes in their environment, managers must ensure that their processes are functioning optimally and focus their actions on the risks that could jeopardise the organisation’s strategic objectives.

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Managing risks and opportunities

Identify incidents related to identified risks and monitor improvements in control systems.

Track internal audits

Plan, monitor and document your internal audit assignments and related recommendations and action plans.

Mastering internal control

Get an overview of the elements of internal control and generate self-assessment campaigns.

Gain an overview

Enable each internal control stakeholder to easily share, in a single software application, the information required to perform their job.



Risk and Improver meet your challenges. Our solutions are integrated, allowing you to navigate seamlessly between modules and break down silos within your business.

Find out how they allow you to map, assess and manage your risks.

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PYX4 Risk

Software designed to manage and control risks and their impact on your organisation.

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PYX4 Improver

Software designed to process field feedback and apply your action plans for audit and certification purposes.


Why do Internal Auditors and Risk Managers choose PYX4?

When you work with PYX4, you benefit from a tool to structure the process, but you also have a team of experts to support you and point you in the right direction.

A structured methodology

Make sure that the procedures are homogeneous, and therefore well understood by all employees, thanks to compliance with the Qualigram methodology.

Controlled distribution

Decide to whom, when and how to disseminate your new procedures for a smooth and controlled communication.

Simplified modelling

Model your processes in real time during your co-construction workshops, thanks to a tool that is easy to use and benefit from numerous automated features that facilitate modelling.

Impact assessment

Define the impact of change for each role by identifying the volume of target procedures in which it is involved.

Event reporting

Involve your employees in the definition of the operational organisation over the long term, thanks to the event reporting module, which allows them to report any malfunction, non-compliance, or areas for improvement.

Contribution module

Involve your employees thanks to the contribution module where everyone can be a force of proposal on the work in progress.


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Discover all the features that meet your needs. Our teams are at your disposal to design the features that best suit you and allow you to reach your goals.

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PYX4 is an easy-to-use solution that has enabled us to meet very demanding regulatory requirements, while allowing the entire system to be shared via a simple web browser


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Beyond a software tool that is easy to use, PYX4 is also a human and professional team that was able to adapt to our needs and provide us with specific support until we obtained our ISO certification

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