Discover the main problems covered by PYX4 solutions

Your challenges

to achieve your objectives

Because your challenges are ours, our solutions must be able to support you in all your efforts to make your organisation more efficient: Risk, Quality, Process, etc. Relying on reliable tools is one of the keys to success in order to efficiently carry out continuous improvement actions.

Modeling processes

Structure your organisation by mapping your procedures and clarifying the roles as well as the documents or means used. Define task follow-up reminders and a validation circuit

Managing the Quality System

Optimise your performance by promoting the implementation and management of processes and by involving your employees.

Implementing a continuous improvement approach

Create and disseminate a continuous improvement approach within your organization to better manage action plans and performance monitoring.

Manage audits, actions and non-conformities

Maintain and control your activity by having a clear vision of the continuous improvement process

Controlling risks in the organisation

Use risk management as a management tool to focus your resources on the important issues facing the organisation.

Leading change management

Make informed decisions and effectively support your employees through change by providing a clear vision of the scope of the changes to come.

Steering the organisation

Manage your organisation across the board thanks to the process approach. Model your processes and define your performance indicators to improve efficiency

Responding to legal constraints

Keep track of legal regulations and compliance actions for your organization and stay on top of efficiency.

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