Manage audits, actions & noncompliance

Maintain and control your activity by having a clear vision of the continuous improvement process


Manage audits, actions & non-conformities EASILY WITH PYX4

Following the action plans, whether they are generated by audits, events or non-conformities, will allow you to have a clear vision of your continuous improvement process, and thus perpetuate and control your activity

Involve operational staff on an ongoing basis

Collect improvement leads and make your processes evolve thanks to the declaration of events and non-conformities by the operational staff.

Track action plans

Get a quick overview of the progress of actions taken, with the possibility of linking them to processes, audits and events reported by operational staff.

Manage audits

Schedule your audit plan, and manage each mission until the conclusions and recommendations. Then follow up on the resulting actions.

Understand processes and related risks

Model your processes and procedures to identify risk areas and control points. Conduct a value-added audit mission.



Our suite consists of four complementary modules dedicated to the management of organizations. Here are the important modules to lead this challenge.

logotype de pYX4 Improver

PYX4 Improver

Software designed to process field feedback and apply your action plans for audit and certification purposes.

logotype de PYX4 Process

PYX4 Process

Software designed to map your organization’s activities in a collaborative and centralized way.


When you work on PYX4, you get

When you work with PYX4, you get a tool to structure the process, but you also get a team of experts to support you and point you in the right direction.

Audit planning and management

Schedule your audit missions and assign dedicated resources. Follow the progress of the mission and the work of the auditors remotely.

Capitalize on processes

Involve your process drivers by informing them of events impacting the processes. They will then be able to propose, validate and follow up on corrective actions as they occur.

Audit prioritization

List in the same tool the events declared by the operational staff and the risks, in order to target the processes to be audited and identify the areas for improvement.

Information sharing

Share validated and up-to-date business rules. Centrally monitor your current actions and share non-conformities identified and qualified by the process pilots.

Event declaration

Declare events (malfunction, non-compliance, improvement path) by linking them to the processes and procedures concerned. You can then send them to the process drivers for analysis and treatment

Monitoring of key indicators

Get an immediate and personalized view of the progress of your actions by category, in line with your audit recommendations

Adapted validation circuit

Remotely validate auditors’ work, recommendations and action plans.

Collect and share key information

Collect and share evidentiary documents (audit evidence, action completion, etc.) to support key information following a reported event or audit.


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