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Build your process repositories, distribute them and manage them by targeting specific performance objectives to achieve efficiency.

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Drive your processes and control your organisation

Process managers and departments responsible for transformation base their activities on a repository of organisational processes, in order to improve the efficiency of the organisation. PYX4 helps to achieve this objective by providing these professions with a modelling tool to build this repository and to animate it while targeting performance objectives.

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Model your processes simply

Efficiently build your repository and then provide your employees with processes that everyone can understand.

Define performance indicators

As a pilot, be alerted to non-conformities and requests for improvement and optimise your processes along the way.

Harmonise and ensure the transversality of processes

Thanks to the Qualigram methodology, benefit from a homogeneous and transverse modelling involving all the actors of the organisation.

Optimise your organisation

Manage change, anticipate the impact of reorganisations on your processes and easily validate the proposed optimisations.



Process, Improver, and Risk correspond to your challenges. Our solutions are integrated, allowing you to navigate seamlessly between modules and to break down silos within your business.

Find out how these can save you time in mapping key processes and help you get the big picture faster.

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PYX4 Process

Software designed to map your organisation’s activities in a collaborative and centralised manner.

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PYX4 Improver

Software designed to process field feedback and apply your action plans for audit and certification purposes.

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PYX4 Risk

Software designed to manage and control risks and their impact on your organisation.


Why do process owners choose PYX4?

When you work with PYX4, you benefit from a tool to structure the process, but you also have a team of experts to support you and point you in the right direction.

Proven methodology

Benefit from a modelling engine that complies with the Qualigram methodology, allowing you to build your process repository.

Clarified organisation

Link roles to employees so that everyone clearly identifies their place and mission within the organisation.

Definition of roles and responsibilities

Build a personalised reference system for each employee by enabling them to measure their contribution to the organisation’s processes.

Capitalisation onprocesses

Declare events (malfunction, non-compliance, improvement path, etc.) directly related to your processes. Follow their improvement easily.

Driver assignment

Assign drivers to your processes that will report on their performance.

Controlled continuous improvement

Identify dysfunctions but also areas for improvement in relation to your processes.

Controlled dissemination

Communicate the processes and working documents to your employees and ensure that they are aware of them.

Task management

Easily find the tasks you are responsible for and participate in the optimisation of your management system.


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PYX4 is an easy-to-use solution that has enabled us to meet very demanding regulatory requirements, while allowing the entire system to be shared via a simple web browser


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Beyond a software tool that is easy to use, PYX4 is also a human and professional team that was able to adapt to our needs and provide us with specific support until we obtained our ISO certification

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A software suite and a methodology that is easy to use, with quality support


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