Establishing an approach continuous improvement

Create and disseminate a continuous improvement approach within your organization to better manage action plans and performance monitoring.


Implement a continuous improvement approach EASILY WITH PYX4

A key element of a management system, continuous improvement is a state of mind supported by management and shared at all levels. Implementing a continuous improvement approach within an organisation consists of controlling its activity, its transversality and improving its performance.

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Initiate a continuous improvement process

Enable all levels of the organisation to participate in the continuous improvement process by identifying areas for improvement in their daily tasks.

Propose targeted improvement actions

Deal effectively with actions thanks to a relevant analysis of the problems.

Manage the deployment of improvement actions

Follow up the improvement actions by monitoring the implementation deadlines and defining the effectiveness of the actions.

Checking performance through internal audit

Addressing the organisation through internal audit to define impactful areas of improvement.



Our suite consists of four complementary modules dedicated to the management of organisations. Here are the important modules to lead this challenge.

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PYX4 Improver

Software designed to process field feedback and apply your action plans for audit and certification purposes.

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PYX4 Process

Software designed to map your organisation’s activities in a collaborative and centralised manner.


When you work on PYX4, you get

When you work with PYX4, you get a tool to structure the process, but you also get a team of experts to support you and point you in the right direction.

Collaborative approach

Involve all your employees in the process by allowing them to suggest ways to improve.

Monitoring of improvement objectives

Thanks to indicators and dashboards, you can monitor continuous improvement: action completion times, processes affected, progress, etc.

Event declaration

Allow each employee to easily declare any event that requires improvement: malfunction, non-conformity, improvement path.

Contribution module

Make your employees a force of proposal on the analysis of problems and the actions to be taken thanks to the contribution module.

Facilitate the role of the process driver

Give your drivers easy access to all the improvement actions linked to their processes, their characteristics and their progress.

Internal audit management

Define your annual audit schedule, share it with your auditors, and follow up on its implementation. Also write your audit reports, and link them to your processes, follow up on the actions resulting from the audit findings and measure their effectiveness.

Configurable analysis criteria

For each improvement finding, you can set the analysis criteria to identify the root causes, their sources, the 5Ms, and analyse their criticality.

Advanced management indicators

Extract data from your actions that can be analysed according to their progress, their causes and their sources. This way, you can effectively manage and analyse continuous improvement.


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