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Real-time risk management

You want to evaluate your risks and opportunities in a consistent way? You want to prioritize risks in order to define the right response strategies? Are you looking for a simple methodology to include your partners in this process?


a software designed to help you


A precise vision of the risks likely to weaken your organization


A collective engagement in the realization of action plans


A simple methodology to prioritize your treatments


A precise vision of the risks likely to weaken your organization

  1. Identify the risks that impact your structure.
  2. Characterize your risks and existing control systems.
  3. Gather data from your claims in order to refine your analysis.

This way, you can monitor the evolution of these threats and respond accordingly.

Capture d'écran du logiciel Pyx4 Risk Scales et Types
Capture d'écran du logiciel Risk évaluations et propriétés


A collective engagement in the implementation of action plans

  1. Empower your teams by assigning them roles in PYX4 Risk.
  2. Involve your employees as actors in a global action plan in PYX4 Improver.
  3. Mobilize business experts who can collaborate via the interface, when certain risks require it.


A simple methodology to prioritize your treatments

  1. Evaluate risks according to their potential impact and likelihood.
  2. Prioritize the most critical risks for your organization.
  3. Establish appropriate response strategies, with the support of operational services, to limit the overall level of risk.
Capture d'écran évaluation et priorisation du logiciel Pyx4 Risk

A methodology designed with business experts

Thanks to Jean Le ray

Jean LE RAY is a consultant in the field of quality, performance and risk management.

Recognized as an expert, he is the author of numerous publications and reference works published by AFNOR, such as his book “Managing risks – Why ? How?” published in 2006, or “From risk management to risk management” published in 2015.

Thanks to Jean Le Ray and his business knowledge, we have been able to develop an effective module and training in respect of risk management and risk treatment.

PYX4 - Photo de Amanda Wanderley de PYX4

Amanda Wanderley
Senior BPM & Risk Consultant at PYX4


Extensive capabilities and incredible features

Discover some of the features of PYX4 Risk.

Capture d'écran du logiciel Pyx4 Risk déclarer un risque

Facilitate the declaration of risks
thanks to a fully customizable form, encourage your employees to declare the risks that weigh on your organization.

Capture d'écran du logiciel Pyx4 Risk Evaluation et plan d'action

Evaluate the seriousness of the impacts, the plausibility of your risks and treat them by setting up an action plan
Compare the successive evaluations of your risks to verify the effectiveness of your actions.

Capture d'écran du logiciel Pyx4 réalisation et avancement des tâches

Efficiently track ongoing actions in PYX4 Improver via an automatic, real-time notification system.

Capture d'écran fonctionnalité logiciel Pyx4 Risk

Customized dashboards 
Follow the treatment of risks, their criticality, the evolution of their trends and the response strategies put in place.

Capture fonctionnalités échelle Pyx4 Module Risk

Define homogeneous evaluation criteria in line with your organization’s language.
Set up impacts and establish likelihood levels that will be used to calculate the criticality of your risks.

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