Model & optimise processes

Structure your organisation by mapping your procedures and clarifying the roles as well as the documents or means used. Define task follow-up reminders and a validation circuit



Process modelling is an effective way to obtain a clear vision of your organisation and to implement the company’s strategy at the operational level. Entering into a process approach is synonymous with control of your activity, transversality and therefore performance.

Illustration des processus et des algorithmes

Defining the company map

Process modelling will enable you to define the global mapping of your structure, in line with your strategy.

Model processes, procedures and instructions

Involve your drivers to model your procedures and work instructions and answer the question of “who does what” in your organisation.

Optimising processes

Once the “as is” has been modelled, work on optimising your processes and procedures in order to gain operational efficiency.

Disseminate the repository

Control the distribution of your repository by communicating the different elements to the collaborators of your choice in your organization.



Our suite consists of four complementary modules dedicated to the management of organisations. Here are the important modules to lead this challenge.

logotype de PYX4 Process

PYX4 Process

Software designed to map your organisation’s activities in a collaborative and centralised manner.

logotype de pYX4 Improver

PYX4 Improver

Software designed to process field feedback and apply your action plans for audit and certification purposes.


When you work on PYX4, you get

When you work with PYX4, you get a tool to structure the process, but you also get a team of experts to support you and point you in the right direction.

Proven methodology

Benefit from a modelling tool that complies with the Qualigram methodology and allows you to build your process repository.

Collaborative modeling

Get involved in a collaborative approach by involving your experts in the modeling of your processes.

Controlled publication

Control the publication of your processes and documents by submitting them to a validation workflow.

Personalized repository

Assign viewers to your processes to provide them with a repository tailored to their roles in the organization.

100% web-based drawing engine

Model your processes directly from your web browser and benefit from the automatisms that facilitate modelling.

Centralized document management

Make your business documents accessible to all your employees and link them to your processes.

Capitalization on processes

Collect the areas of improvement or good practices identified by your employees through event reporting.

Evolution management

Create versions of your graphs and make them evolve in order to continuously improve your processes.


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