Supporting Domanys in the management of its modelling and in obtaining certification

Domanys (Office Public de l’Habitat) has been the main social landlord in the Yonne since 1950, halfway between Paris and Dijon

Our initial requirement was to obtain Qualibail certification in 2012. We became the first organisation in Burgundy Franche-Comté to be certified, and several other certifications were added to our approach later on.

  • Social landlord
  • 170 employees – 43% of the rental stock in Yonne
  • Auxerre (89)

Domanys client case


At Domanys, the certification process is central. At the same time, there are other issues related to the management of the organisation

With several agencies in the country, they realised that the employees did not use the same tools (templates, documents, etc.). Their first priority was to harmonise the working methods within the agencies

In order for processes and procedures to become a reflex for employees, one of the requirements was to prioritise a formalisation that was intuitive and accessible to all.

Today, PYX4 allows us to animate the process/procedure mapping live and to create excitement among the teams. When the meeting is over, so is the modelling.

Photo Kipre Guero

Management control and internal control manager
Social Landlord

3 words to sum up the PYX4 experience




In a nutshell

How to harmonise practices and implement common processes?


  • In the medium term :
    Obtaining ISO certification


  • Approximately 9,000 homes in 200 municipalities
  • 44% of the social housing stock in the Yonne


  • 530 graphs produced
  • 285 documents linked
  • Creation: Over 2 hours saved per process and procedure.
  • Distribution and validation: 1 to 3 days saved per process and/or business document.
  • 20% reduction in incidents (non-compliance with a procedure or operating mode).


Domanys uses the PYX4 Process module

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PYX4 Process

Software designed to map your organisation’s activities in a collaborative and centralised manner.

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Kipré GUERO / Management control and internal control manager

How did you hear about our solution?

We learned about the PYX4 methodology (Qualigram) in 2012 following the response to our public call for tenders: “Supply and installation of software for managing internal control processes and procedures”.

How does our tool respond to specific issues in your sector?

We don’t have specific examples in the past. However, this is an advantage at the moment in view of the implementation of the Elan law. Indeed, the PYX4 methodology allows us to have a basis for working with the other structures that make up the new SAC (société anonyme de coordination). Example: work on the implementation of internal control systems.

What are the medium-term objectives of your department?

The medium-term objective is to have an organisation that tends towards ISO certification.

In terms of validation and dissemination of your repository (process and/or business document), in your opinion, how much time does PYX4 save you?

In our opinion, it saves us between one day and three days per process and/or business document.

And in terms of creation?

Over two hours per process and procedure.

Does PYX4 enable you to limit incidents linked to the poor execution of a process (non-compliance with a procedure or an operating mode)?

Yes, up to 20% of this type of incident.

How do you rate the quality of service provided by the PYX4 teams during the implementation of the solution?

We rate the quality of the PYX4 service as 9/10. The only remark we can make is the time it takes to respond to new requests for product development.

Since the implementation of PYX4, have you already noticed any changes in your daily work?

It’s night and day. Previously, modelling was done on a piece of paper, with the operational staff during meetings, then transcribed onto Word/Excel. Then it was published on the internal server, in pdf format. It was long and tedious.

Today, PYX4 allows us to animate the process/procedure mapping live and create excitement among the teams. When the meeting is over, so is the modelling. This allows us to concentrate on the value-added tasks.

Finally, being able to track the updating of documents as they are produced ensures that employees have the latest and correct version.

If you had to choose 3 words to sum up your experience with our brand, which ones would come to mind?

“Efficiency – Fun – Structuring”

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